N’Zoth Priest is one of the best deck for today. It is ideal for those players who are fond of slower control archetypes. However, it inferiors to OTK (Malygos Quest Druid, Malygos Hunter) and very aggressive decks(Murloc Shaman, Murloc Paladin), but you won’t face thes often. Anduin has no problems with Quest and Evolve Shaman.

N’Zoth Priest deck list (Qkn)

N’Zoth Priest deck list (Qkn)

24 October 2019 14:32


This version you will often meet at the ladder. Ragnaros the Firelord, Catrina Muerte, Sylvanas Windrunner are strong in the slow matchups. Bone Wraith, Zilliax, Khartut Defender are strong in the fast matchups. Convincing Infiltrator is multipurpose.

N’Zoth Priest deck list (Rarran)

N’Zoth Priest deck list (Rarran)

24 October 2019 14:41


Sometimes players add the Emperor Thaurissan, Archmage Vargoth and Sandhoof Waterbearer. Emperor Thaurissan opens the door for interesting combinations with expensive cards.

These cards are ideal for players who have small collection.  Archmage Vargoth, Catrina Muerte and Zerek’s Cloning Gallery should be replaced by these cards.


Advice for Mulligan:

  • You should mulligan early-game removals (Shadow Word: Pain, Forbidden Words, Penance) and early-game AoE(Mass Hysteria; Lightbomb in case you have a good hand) in the aggressive matchup.
  • High Priest Amet is often useful in the aggressive matchup.
  • You should find heavy creatures, which you may want to resurrect.
  • Never mulligan Khartut Defender even despite his importance: he is too heavy for starting the hand.
  • Pick up Convincing Infiltrator against Mage, Hunter and Paladin.
  • Warrior: Forbidden Words, Penance, Shadow Word: Pain, High Priest Amet. A good starting hand: Mass Hysteria, Bone Wraith, Psychopomp.
  • Paladin: Forbidden Words, Penance, Shadow Word: Pain, Bone Wraith, Convincing Infiltrator, Mass Hysteria.
  • Hunter: Forbidden Words, Penance, Shadow Word: Pain, High Priest Amet, Bone Wraith, Mass Hysteria, Convincing Infiltrator
  • Druid: High Priest Amet, Shadow Word: Pain, Sylvanas Windrunner, Mass Hysteria, Lightbomb. A good starting hand: Psychopomp.
  • Rogue: Forbidden Words, Penance, Shadow Word: Pain, High Priest Amet, Bone Wraith, Mass Hysteria, Zilliax.
  • Shaman: Forbidden Words, Penance, Shadow Word: Pain, High Priest Amet, Bone Wraith, Mass Hysteria. A good starting hand: Psychopomp
  • Mage: Convincing Infiltrator, Shadow Word: Pain, Forbidden Words.
  • Priest: Catrina Muerte, Forbidden Words, Sylvanas Windrunner, Zerek’s Cloning Gallery.
  • Warlock: Forbidden Words, Penance, Shadow Word: Pain, High Priest Amet, Bone Wraith, Mass Hysteria.

Game strategy

N’Zoth Priest is slow and greedy archetype, but it is archetype’s personal strength. There are a lot of heavy creatures, removals and resurrect effects in the deck. All this enables Anduin to make it to 9-10 turns, which are revealed power this deck. Priest isn’t afraid of aggressive decks, because he has a lot of protection tools.

Priest struggles against control and metamorphosis effects, while they prevent any resurrection tools (N’Zoth, Catrina Muerte, Mass Ressurection). However, nowdays meta doesn’t have lot of effect, but Zephrys the Great can find it.

N’Zoth Priest is a control deck: defending position during the game turns into a snowball effect in the end. Only greedest decks and skillest players can win over this archetype.

N’Zoth Priest is not the hardest ladder’s deck, but it has some nuances.

Features mechanics and main combinations.

Effect “At the end of your turn”.
If Catrina Muerte resurrects the Ragnaros the Firelord, Archmage Vargoth or Emperor Taurissan, their effect won’t work.

Lightbomb and spell damage.
Effect spell damage summarizes with creature’s damage.

Sylvanas Windrunner + Shadow Word: Death.
This spell can be applied to Sylvanas for controlling an enemy minion at once, if it is stronger than 5/5.

High Priest Amet + Psychopomp / Zerek’s Cloning Gallery / Mass Resurrection / creatures with Reborn effect.
Remember that you don’t have to play minions from your hand for taking Amet’s buff(you can play Zerel’s Cloning Gallery). Often the High Priest Amet can be a tempo threat.

N’Zoth + Khartut Defender.
N’Zoth can summon 4 copies(or more) of Khartut Defender because Khartut Defender’s reborn effect.

Archmage Vargoth + Mass Resurrection.
When Mass Resurrection summons the Archmage Vargoth, this effect works “at the end of your turn”. You can summon 6 CREATURES!

Useful advices:

  • Remember about the action’s sequence: first generate resources and use random effect, then make other actions.
  • Don’t forget about the cards remain so count on topdecks.
  • You can use Shadow Word: Pain to Convincing Infiltrator, if possible.
  • First hill the High Priest Amet or trade him, then play other minions. If Amet has 1 health, then the next threat has 1 health too.
  • Remember, Plague of Death cleans ALL the minions. Don’t count on deatrattle or rebor after playing ths spell.
  • Use your AoE removals in a correct way. Think about how many threats what removals your opponent may play. For example, Plague of Death is extremely important in a mirror matchup, while it can clean the battlefield. However, if you play aggressive matchup, then Mass Hysteria will be enough toclean the board.
  • Remember about random effect cards. Count on luck in a very hard situation, but if you have a good situation, then you must get maximum value from the Sylvanas Windrunner, Ragnoros the Firelord, etc.
  • The Plague of Death, Zilliax, Psychopomp are the key cards. You MUST craft them. Other cards can be replaced by cheaper and free options.