Highlander Quest Hunter is Saviors of Uldum Quest Hunter which runs only one copy of each card. A version with Zephrys the Great is slower and it plays like a midrange deck counting on a win in the late game. Highlander Quest Hunter plays well against midrange decks like Quest Druid or Quest Shaman. However, this archetype struggles against Combo Priest, so be prepared.

A Data Reaper Report #141extract:

Quest Hunter makes its debut in the Power Ranking in a pretty decent spot. Quest Hunter is a relative newcomer that has proven to be surprisingly effective. Its sore spot is Combo Priest, but even in the presence of this terrible matchup, it manages to maintain a positive win rate against the field. Its other matchups are just good. After looking into Knife Jugglers for another week, we’re convinced that cutting them was correct.

The deck is full of minion summoning cards like Snake Trap, SN1P-SN4P, Unleash the Hounds and so on. All of them help to complete the quest because this legendary hunter spell is a core card.

A version with Zephrys the Great is able to deal more damage thanks to Dinotamer Brann and Zephrys the Great. Your opponent might never expect something like this.

Highlander Quest Hunter

25 September 2019 8:49


Warrior: Questing Explorer, Microtech Controller, Snake Trap, Ursatron. You may add SN1P-SN4P if everything is ok.

Paladin: Springpaw, Unleash the Hounds, Snake Trap, Zephrys the Great, Questing Explorer, Desert Spear. You may add SN1P-SN4P, Knife Juggler or Sea Giant if everything is ok.

Hunter: Desert Spear, Hench-Clan Hogsteed, Microtech Controller, Springpaw, Ursatron, Zephrys the Great. You may add Scavenging Hyena if everything is ok.

Druid: Mecharoo, Snake Trap, Animal Companion, Questing Explorer, Ursatron, Scavenging Hyena, Desert Spear, Zephrys the Great.

Rogue: Questing Explorer, Hench-Clan Hogsteed, Ursatron. You may add SN1P-SN4P or Dire Wolf Alpha if everything is ok.

Shaman: Springpaw, Ursatron, Desert Spear, Snake Trap, Hench-Clan Hogsteed, Knife Juggler. You may add SN1P-SN4P or Scavenging Hyena if everything is ok.

Mage: Mecharoo, Zephrys the Great, Questing Explorer, Dire Wolf Alpha, Animal Companion, Springpaw, Snake Trap. You may add SN1P-SN4P if everything is ok.

Priest: Desert Spear, Knife Juggler, Ursatron, Animal Companion, Zephrys the Great, Scavenging Hyena. You may add Dire Wolf Alpha if everything is ok.

Warlock: Springpaw, SN1P-SN4P, Questing Explorer, Zephrys the Great. You may add Ursatron, Sea Giant or Bone Wraith if everything is ok.

  • If you face aggro decks you need stable mana curve at the beginning.
  • Play threatens when there are no good choices available. But save Knife Juggler, Zephrys the Great, Dire Wolf Alpha and play them only in case of emergency.
  • To maximize Dire Wolf Alpha’s value place weak minions in the middle and the heavy ones around the edges.
  • Don’t forget that a spell summons minions on the right side.
  • In aggressive matchups place mechanisms separately unless you want to get extra health by Zilliax. Otherwise, one target buff has no reason.
  • In slow matchups pay attention to whether your opponent has silence and removal, and analyze input. Then buff mechanisms according to assumption.
  • After obtaining new hero power count all the damage you can deal. Your gameplay is going to look like Token Druid’s.
  • Zephrys the Great in here to help you discovering damage like Fireball, massive buff and so on.
  • Prepare the board before playing Zephrys the Great: give more information to have the needed card indeed.
  • Puzzle your opponent. He is likely to think you are an ordinary Quest Hunter (especially at lower ranks). He will never expect King Krush or Zephrys the Great.
  • Don’t be afraid of using the new hero power to trade your opponent’s minions. But be careful when your opponent’s health is low and he doesn’t have taunts.
  • Set up the lethal damage in a right way. There are plenty of cards dealing the damage, so analyze the cards you already have and the possibility of drawing the cards you need. Play aggressive if you have huge burst potential. 
  • In aggressive matchup sooner or later you will have to quit controlling the board and facing your opponent. Do it when you have good cards or the game goes so bad you have to risk.
  • Dire Wolf Alpha may be played to activate the Goblin Bomb’s deathrattle.
  • In slower matchups quest completing takes a back seat. It is better for you to play tempo and place one big threat instead of playing several small.
  • Use for AoE tools minions with deathrattle or reborn.
  • Don’t forget to use hero power before completing the quest.
  • Force your opponent to use the strongest removals before playing Dinotamer Brann. It is unlikely for your opponent to expect a threat like this so he might use all the removals earlier.