Combo Priest is one of the Saviors of Uldum best decks, despite nerf of the Extra Arms. Many players reach a top Legend, it plays better on tournaments. The archetype’s winrate and popularity rejoce players. It should be noted, that Combo Priest is one of the most difficult decks, which only a handful of players act right.

Combo Priest continues to dominate. It is now the most popular deck at legend, and increasingly common during your climb to legend. It punishes quest decks heavily, and it doesn’t have hard counter matchups. That makes it the best deck for ladder, provided you have an adequate understanding on how to navigate it. We’re content with the featured build, as double Silence is proving to be very valuable in the current meta where the mirror is so common. Nohandsgamer took the same list to #1 legend this week.
Combo Priest deck list (Nohandsgamer)

Combo Priest deck list (Nohandsgamer)

30 September 2019 14:52


This Combo Priest deck could be considered as a classic one: it has 2 copy of Silence, this card is very useful aganst mirror matchups, and Bwonsamdi, the Dead, which will draw some 1-drop cards.

You haven’t a Bwonsamdi, the Dead? Don’t worry: this legendary card isn’t necessary even in the best archetype’s variants. Having Psychopomp and High Priest Amet will be enough for making this deck.

Combo Priest deck list (xBlyzes)

Combo Priest deck list (xBlyzes)

30 September 2019 14:56


Budget Combo Priest deck list (DUST COST: 2,220)

Budget Combo Priest deck list

30 September 2019 14:59


Budget Combo Priest is suitable for the beginners and players, whose collection is small, this variation doesn’t even have the High Priest Amet. But you should craft this card as soon as possible, it will improve your deck and raise the winrate.


  • Always mulligan a Northshire Cleric. If you have a Coin, then take a second copy.
  • You should mulligan a High Priest Amet.
  • Take a Psychopomp, if you have Coin or Injured Tol’vir, or Injured Blademaster in the hand.
  • Mulligan an Injured Tol’vir, if you have Coin or a good first drop. If you have Coin and Injured Tol’ver, then you should take Neferset Ritualist.
  • If you have a good starting hand, then you should mulligan Injured Blademaster.
  • If you have a good starting hand or you play against Priests, then mulligan Lightwarden.
  • Beaming Sidekick, Power Word: Shield is useful if you have in starting hand a Northshire Cleric or Lightwarden.
  • You can mulligan Circle of Healing, Neferset Ritualist, Divine Spirit and Inner Fire if you have a good starting hand.
  • Wild Pyromancer is a good option against Paladin and Shaman in case you have a Coin.

How to play

Combo Priest is one of the most difficult Saviors of Uldum decks. If you want to learn how to play this archetype, you must assess your opponent’s potential: what  kind of removals, creatures, sources of damage he has and so on. Wise Combo Priest must analyze the opponent’s cards: make him feel uncomfortable and you should make it impossible cleaning your board.

Good example: a matchup with Warrior.  Priest must beat off Restless Mummy on the fourth turn, Din-o-matic or Supercollider on the fifth turn, you should make threats, with which removals can’t deal with it. If this required, then use health buffs, including Divine Spirit.

Board control is a top priority for Combo Priest. This deck can even having only board: Priest always allows opponent to respond to threats. But Anduin’s powerful buffs and tempo threats will drain opponent’s resources and he won’t be able to respond.

It is Wrong to suggest that all health and attack buffs are needed only for finishing  the opponent. Divine Spirit, Inner Fire and Topsy Turvy can be used for value trade or to make a threat, with which opponent can’t cope. However, you should understand what he is able to do.

Combo Priest has some ways to get back in the game:

  • Wild Pyromancer in connection with cheap spells is a very useful combination in an aggressive matchup.
  • High Priest Amet + buffs + 1-drop creatures – this combination makes advantage for your board, so it will be hard for you opponent to handle  with.
  • The heavy creature + health buffs + Divine Spirit – this move is useful versus deck without removals and silence. But you can use it if you hope that your opponent has no more answers

Ideally, Combo Priest wants to give health buff to creatures, which can attack at the same turn but that doesn’t happen often. In a critical situation, you can use all your buffs  you have in hand. However, if your opponent eliminates the threat, then you lose, but if he can’t do it, then you win. It might be worth the risk if that the only way to win. You should try hard to win, but not to lose.

General tips

  • You must take account of position minions if you have Neferset Ritualist in the deck or hand.
  • You can play a Silence not only to opponent’s threats with buffs but for your creatures with debuff. Circle of Healing is one of the best cards in your deck. It uses for healing your board or draws some cards by Northshire Cleric.
  • You must remember, which your creatures died. This input support to correctly play a Psychopomp.
  • You must take account of reaming cards in your deck to play Bwonsamdi, the Dead correctly and to plan move ahead, given the topdeck.
  • Don’t be afraid to play tempo High Priest Amet, if you haven’t other move or opponent can’t  response to 2/7 threat.