• Descent of Dragons is the name of the next expansion!
  • The league of E.V.I.L. and the Explorers League chased eachother to Dragonblight!
  • More Dragons than EVER before!
  • Galakrond Hero card!
  • New Key word: Invoke – Play cards with the Invoke keyword several times to upgrade Galakrond.
  • Galakrond has a different battlecry and hero power in each of the evil classes!
  • Dragon Breath cards: Dragon Breath cards are spells that give you powerful bonuses if you’re holding a dragon.
  • Sidequests: Mages, Druids, Hunters, and Paladins can do Sidequests, cards that offer powerful rewards, but are easier to complete than standard Quest cards
  • Everyone will get Galakrond for free when the set launches!
  • Everyone gets a Legendary Dragon when the set goes live!
  • New game mode!: Hearthstone Battlegrounds. 8 player mode that is inspired by the autobattle genre.
  • Open Beta of this game mode is November 12th
  • When you have the Virtual ticket or prepurchase Descent of Dragons you can play Hearthstone Battlegrounds from NEXT TUESDAY.

Galakrond Hero Card

Galakrond is the new Hero card available for all five E.V.I.L. classes. Players will get all five copies of him for free! Simply log in during the first 90 days after expansion, and you can enjoy the new Galakrond Hero!

Galakrond is always a 7 mana Hero card, but starts as a pretty weak one, getting upgraded over time as you play Invoke cards. You need to Invoke him twice for the first upgrade, and twice more to get to his final form (so four Invokes in total). Here’s an example transformation path:

Importantly, Invoke cards also trigger Galakrond’s Hero Power! For example, if you run the Rogue version listed above and you play an Invoke card, you will also add a random Lackey to your hand.


Sidequests are a new mechanic in Descent of Dragons. They work similarly to regular Quests – you play them and get a reward after finishing them. However, they DO NOT start in your opening hand – you draw them like regular cards. Since they are not Legendary, you can also run two copies in your deck.

Just like regular Quests, you can finish them over multiple turns.

The Sidequests we’ve seen so far already illustrate that they can be pretty powerful in the right deck!

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